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Vorstellung MICE Strategie Vorarlberg im dataroom ©, Convention Partner Vo


The strength in implementing projects lies in bringing together individual experts in their respective fields. occursus has a broad network of individuals and organizations who are selectively involved in projects and with whom I have already collaborated. We all share a common commitment: working with the highest quality, profitability, and great joy to bring create projects with an impact.

Michael Gleich

Curator of international projects, critical-constructive journalist, podcaster and stage presenter. As a liveliness researcher, his heartfelt concern is to create spaces in which human liveliness develops its full potential.

TSO AG specializes in innovative digital solutions in the tourism sector. The products include software for digitization checks, content management systems specifically for the travel industry, data management solutions and tools for the back office management of destinations.


The internationally renowned Pool Bar Festival at the intersection of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland has been offering cultural highlights from niche to pop since 1994. The special flair is created by the diversity of the program and the extraordinary design concepts, which are developed every year in the Poolbar Generator, the laboratory for festival design, during an intensive week in the spring by students together with design talent.

Team Pool Bar Festival
Hagen Arena

Hagen & Partner is an entrepreneurial companion for renowned tourist destinations and tourism companies. The focus is on strategic clarity and effective, co-creative implementation. The goal: sustainable quality tourism.

Wissenschaftsverbund Vierländerregion Bodensee

The W4 is an international alliance of 25 universities and colleges. We are committed to strengthening the connection between research, education and practice in order to jointly develop, test and implement innovative solutions for a sustainable design of the four-country region.

Wissenschaftsverbund Vierländerregion Bodensee
Magdalena Türtscher

Büro Magma, Magdalena Türtscher

Büro Magma stands for design. This is where visual communication is created in print and digital. The office specializes in the development of design lines, book design, product design and photography. The strength of "Magma" lies in the harmonious composition of graphics, images, colors, typography, printing technology and material. 

deals with the development of new formats between art and everyday culture. He is the artistic director of the “Montforter ZwischenTONe” and curator of the series “INN SITU – Photography, Music, Dialogue” at the BTV Stadtforum Innsbruck. Every two years he organizes the international festival “Days of Utopia – Designs for a Good Future”.    

Hans Joachim Gögl
BodenseeMeeting e.V.

The association BodenseeMeeting is the operator of the micelab:bodensee and thus a pioneer in cross-regional collaboration – known as "coopetition": Eleven conference venues, locations, and convention bureaus around Lake Constance cooperate, even though they are competitors.

accompanies organizations in strategic matters and in finding their narrative. With his agency "sentum," he develops spaces for meetings and culture, as well as formats that bring this culture to life effectively.

Edgar Eller
PIZ Montafon

The PIZ Montafon - Future Lab for Sustainable Tourism is the first purely tourist innovation hub in the Alps. The 4-member team takes on exciting challenges and develops innovative solutions for a sustainable future in tourism!

Bregenzerwald's culinary artisan, gastronome, free spirit, but above all, a passionate visionary when it comes to food. As the founder of Fairkocht - Stories in a Jar - he reimagines the entire landscape of food and dining culture. His understanding of quality, focusing on seasonal, local, and therefore sustainable products, is unique, and only these find their way into the jar.

Wolfgang Mätzler
weavs Klocker Blank

We transform complex data streams into comprehensible and actionable information. In doing so, we create innovative platforms that serve as a holistic foundation for sustainable, efficient and future-oriented actions.

Architecture never arises autonomously but is always in relation to the environment surrounding it and the people inhabiting it. Conscious of this, the studio tirelessly embarks on the quest for new and individual solutions with each project.

Studio Saal
Reinhard Lanner

In workshops, lectures, and strategy discussions, deliberately provides stimuli to uncover hidden perspectives and potentials. This enables companies and regional networks to collaborate more effectively, strengthen their innovation capabilities, and drive sustainable developments forward.

The Convention Bureau serves as an initiator and supports organizers of business meetings in designing lively event formats that create added value for participants, organizers and the economy of Vorarlberg.

Convention Partner Vorarlberg

Estuar facilitates co-creative innovation processes, understanding systems and contexts, establishing synergistic connections and creating an impact on society and ecosystems.

They design brands, products, and festivals. The emphasis is on good design and thoughtful functional implementation, both in analog and digital formats.

Super Büro für Gestaltung
Fux und Hase

Fux and Hase portrays people, illustrates emotions, and creates films. With a keen sense of the essential. Image-loving, uncomplicated, reliable, and human. The filmmakers led by Clemens Paul embody the qualities attributed to Fux and Hare.

Copywriter and Creative Director. Develops slogans, brand stories, brand messages, advertising campaigns, headlines, written content for magazines and websites, radio spots, and film voice-overs. Works with companies, institutions, advertising agencies, design studios, film studios, and editorial teams. Innovative. Credible. Radiant.

Simon Bleil
Pzwei. Pressearbeit

The press agency based in Bregenz supports businesses in communication - in traditional media work, online presence, or in the area of corporate publishing. In the German-speaking region and beyond.

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