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occursus stands for projects with an impact through meeting culture.

Über Dr. Stump
Urs Treuthardt

Urs Treuthardt is occursus.

It is the latin word for encounter/meeting.

Through the art of hosting, I cultivate impactful projects.

occursus acts as a project developer, operates in the present, embraces the Art of Hosting, favors practical implementation, works within a network, navigates the system, reflects interdisciplinarily, promotes innovation, thinks creatively and thereby advocates for robust business models.

Would you like to leverage my experience? Let's have a conversation about it.

Kulturpicknick Junipa Gold

International thinkers, decision-makers, and researchers concur that tackling the pivotal challenges of our time requires an ever-growing reliance on conversations and authentic dialogues that transcend diverse perspectives and ideologies. The mission of occursus is to effectively execute impactful projects. I place particular emphasis on ensuring that these projects are visionary, blending creativity, specialized knowledge, and strategic planning. The extensive expertise derived from numerous well established projects contributes significantly to this endeavor.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

“Vorarlberg is small, but this is big.”

Martin Buber

"Every genuine life is encounter"

Wolf Lotter

"Make an effort!"
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