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Resonante Begegnung

Meeting culture

To develop relationships from meetings, various ingredients are required. In addition to awareness, quality, and a high standard of effectiveness, experience and expertise are crucial. In this context, four key abilities distinguish occursus:



The art of beeing a good host is to make people feel comfortable in their environment. The most important prerequisite for this to work is a high level of empathy.


Curation is the art of targeted selection and presentation to create resonant meetings between people. This is about curating content and people in a way that creates relevance and meaning.



The most important ingredient for tackling challenges together with other people is the joy of doing it. Good meetings arise with ease and cheerfulness.


Atmosphere is the invisible anchor of every experience. It shapes spaces, influences emotions and creates the framework for unforgettable moments. Comfort, style and warmth merge into an inviting melody.

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