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Vorarlberger Kulturpicknick CampusVäre © Büro Magma, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus (70).jp

Project development

Otto C. Scharmer emphasizes that the future of our society depends on whether we succeed in creating new forms of social learning infrastructures for change. The creation of such formats has been and continues to be my main concern in the development of projects.



A temporarily set up space in which people meet in an interdisciplinary format to address defined issues in order to create better decision-making options for the sustainable development of the region.


The Vorarlberg Nature and Culturepicnics are educational formats that emerged during the pandemic. They enable guests and locals to experience the diversity of nature and culture in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley.

Concert Elis Noa
Lake Constance meeting


The micelab:bodensee platform, launched by BodenseeMeeting in 2016, researches, teaches and conveys how meetings can generate an impact through the art of hosting.


In this unique laboratory, Convention Partner Vorarlberg brings together a network of experts, providers, industry colleagues and customers for various product developments and shares the findings with the meeting industry.

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